Essentially the scale for quality and enjoyment is very easy: Highest quality without compromise. Throughout our mission statement and our philosophy, the monks are our role model, too. Centuries ago they did not only put emphasis on the quality of their ingredients which came exclusively from their home region but they were also specialists in the art of brewing. It is not surprising that their beers in the whole surrounding were better than anything else coming out from the “Sudkessel”.


With our strict quality rules we establish a connection between the old and artisan tradition of monastic art of brewing and latest brewing technology. In an ultramodern brewery it is very hard to brew an incomparably tasting beer based on traditional monastery recipes in a way the beer connoisseurs appreciate.


We have engaged ourselves for this burning passion for the highest art of brewing. Because of that we give our best in all areas. Until the freshly tapped or poured beer promising a glorious enjoyment for eyes and taste has been served.


As our brewery has often been awarded by leading experts, the quality of our Karmeliten beers is confirmed.